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Our People

The Bdifferent team is an eclectic mix of financial services marketers, brand managers, research specialists, psychologists and business consultants with one thing in common - a passion for finance.

Our senior team has held senior positions in financial services companies, we understand financial services from our clients' viewpoint and appreciate the challenges faced.

Our understanding of financial services products, distribution, customers and regulation has driven our success and has proved invaluable to our clients.

Kim Bell

Founding Partner

Brand and communications expert, held senior financial services marketing roles in banking, insurance and asset management prior to Bdifferent. Divides her time between Asia and the UK.

Loves brands, loves the creative arts, a risk taker - most likely to say "I've just invested in that new fund we tested last month".

Teresa Roux

Founding Partner

Client side financial services research and strategy director, prior to Bdifferent. Masters in marketing, specialising in the retirement needs of the 50 plus market.

Loves fitness, loves a challenge, loves asking questions - most likely to say "Hooray, we've won that job!"

Diana Soon

Market Research Manager - Singapore

Market researcher who loves project management and has over 10 years of experience spanning financial services, IT and oil & gas verticals.

Loves going for spa and finding out new investment vehicles - most likely to say "Show me how I can make my money work harder for me?"

Graham Bell

Sales Development Director

Highly experienced business to business sales Director, skilled at establishing and maintaining relationships with clients.

Loves wine, loves talking, been selling since he was born. Most likely to say "Let's meet next Thursday"

Laurie Edmans CBE


Laurie spent his executive career in the pensions and insurance sector, establishing and leading businesses. He is chairman of Marine and General Mutual Life Assurance, of the Trinity Mirror Pension Plan, and of the Independent Governance Committee of Zurich UK pensions. He also holds a number of financial and non financial executive directorships

Most likely to say 'Retiring? No, there's still too much to do!'